The Introduction of Different Types of Doormats

There are many kinds of door mats, home and commercial, and different types of door MATS are suitable for different purposes. Generally speaking, the role of the door mat mainly lies in water absorption and anti-skid, dust removal and dirty scraping, protection of the floor, advertising and decoration and so on. Here we introduce different kinds of door mat design, material and characteristics.

1. Ribbed Entry Door Mats



The mats are economical and practical for indoor use and main entrances to commercial entities such as retail stores and restaurants. Logos and texts can also be printed on the surface, both for commercial use and home use.

The carpet surface is made of polyester material, which will add hard silk inside to have a better effect of decontamination and dust removal. The back is made of vinyl material, which has good toughness and skid resistance.

The mats can be customized to the size of the entrance, or can be tailored at will.

In general, these doormats are great for major entrances and high-traffic areas, guaranteed not to roll up, and often come with non-slip MATS so they don’t slip all over the place.

2. Carpet Mats




This is a mat made of carpet and rubber, usually only one color, such as blue, gray, red, brown, black. The pattern is pressed by the mold, and the design is low-key, often geometric patterns, classic curve modeling and so on.
Carpet MATS are mainly used in offices, stores, warehouses, industrial places, but also for home use. It is designed to prevent dirt and dust from tracking from the outside to the inside, or from the warehouse to the office area. The disadvantage is that there is a rubber smell, only suitable for outdoor.

The mat is mostly made of polyester or polypropylene, which can scrape dust and absorb moisture from the sole. The sides and bottom are made of rubber, waterproof, oil-proof, and durable.

3. Flocked Rubber Door Mats




This mat is elegant and durable, suitable for outdoor front doors, back doors, entrance doors, garages, doorways, storage rooms, courtyards. The surface passes static plant flocking processing, the villi that lets white adheres to is in rubber surface, pass heat transfer printing craft, the door mat that a beautiful have stereo effect was born. The underside is thick rubber, super durable.

Tough fluff helps trap dirt in its patterned grooves, and the mat is easy to clean. You can simply clean, vacuum or hose it off. Free from trouble, easy care. This kind of cushion is very popular and sells well in The European and American markets.

4. Natural Coir Doormat




The coconut mat, also known as the coconut fibre mat or coir mat, is a mat woven from a hairy coconut husk with a backing usually made of PVC. The threads are woven together to form a solid surface that both scrapes the shoes clean and allows dust and water to pass through, keeping them from drying out of shape.

Coir door mat is natural and environmentally friendly. Unlike artificial fiber door mat, coconut door mat is made of natural material coconut shell, which belongs to biodegradable fiber.Besides, those who prefer a traditional and authentic style will like the natural appearance.

Post time: May-16-2022