How to choose household door mats



Doormats are essential when protecting floors from scratches and reducing indoor dust. How to choose a good doormat?




Above all, from qualitative go up, good indoor door mat is to need to be made by water absorption and durable material, these material is enough comfortable, can walk above, but enough firm and durable. Surface material will generally choose carpet surface made of polyester, polypropylene fibers, soft and comfortable, water absorbent is strong, and the surface with mold pressed out all sorts of beautiful three-dimensional design, not only helps to scrape the soles, dirt, mud, sand and other debris, but also can decorate the door area, such as often used words such as “HELLO, WELCOME” Create a warm family atmosphere.




Under the general choice of non-slip back lining, usually made of rubber, or PVC or TPR, it has a very strong anti-slip function, not afraid of oil and water, high safety performance.




The common size of the mat is 18 by 30 inches, but depending on the size of the door, the mat should be thin (preferably less than 1/2 inch) to avoid blocking your door.



It is also important that mats are easy to clean. Common cleaning methods can be vacuumed, shaken off, hosed down, or even easily machine-washed. Also, cotton or microfibers are often used in indoor MATS, which are particularly prone to mold or mildew, so be sure to clean them regularly.
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Post time: May-16-2022