How to Choose a suitable Kitchen Mat?

As the name suggests, kitchen mats are those floor mats you see in your kitchen. They are usually found near the kitchen sink, under where people stand while washing dishes or cooking. They are usually made of rubber or another non-slip material. They can relieve pressure on your feet and keep the sink area clean and safe. Also, it can make your kitchen more beautiful, you can choose the patterns you like to decorate your kitchen floor.



To sum up, kitchen MATS have the following three benefits:

1. Anti-fatigue pads support your feet so you don’t tire too quickly while preparing food.
2. Non-slip floor grips prevent you from slipping on wet floors.
3. A nice mat can decorate your kitchen (it works as a rug).

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying kitchen mats:

1. Know if it has anti-fatigue properties that can help you stand for long periods of time and relieve lower back pain and leg fatigue.
2. Whether the bottom is non-slip is also very important.
3. Whether the blanket surface can absorb water and absorb oil and is easy to clean.
4. Figure out how much space you want your mat to cover, and choose the size you need.
5. Carpet patterns and colors, as they can significantly affect your interior decor.



 Anti-fatigue support

Studies have shown that standing for long periods of time is bad for your health, leading to back pain, foot pain and muscle fatigue. Therefore, when you choose and buy a kitchen mat, you need to choose the mat with anti-fatigue characteristics. This mat features a cushioned surface that absorbs a lot of the impact your body generates as you walk. This helps reduce fatigue and pain so you can give your feet the rest they need.You can choose foamed rubber, foamed PVC, foamed polyurethane or memory sponge.

Anti-skid safety

The kitchen is one of the most common places in the home to slip. Water or oil often spills onto the kitchen floor, which is definitely a safety hazard. We need floor mats with non-slip backing to eliminate the risk of slipping. Usually made of rubber, PVC or gel.Of course, rubber is the most durable.

Water and oil absorption

The kitchen is a disaster area of water and oil stains, so the surface of the kitchen mat can absorb water and easy to clean is also very important.Modified polyester and polypropylene and imitation hemp materials have good water absorption, foaming polyurethane and foaming PVC materials can also be directly used to wipe the stains with a rag.

Post time: May-16-2022